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Frequently asked questions.

Will I Get Access To Multiple Life Insurance Companies?2017-02-12T21:13:00+00:00

Yes. Most of our agents work with tools that will provide you with product information and prices from all Canadian brokerage life insurance companies.

Why Use Life Insurance Montreal?2017-02-12T21:12:23+00:00

By having a few life insurance brokers competing for your business, you know you get the best deal, the highest value offer on the market. To earn your trust and business, they have to communicate with you quickly and efficiently and provide you make your purchase a satisfying experience.

What Is The Expected Wait Time Before Receiving A Quote?2017-02-12T21:11:48+00:00

You should be ready for the initial communication with the brokers within a few minutes to an hour after submitting the request for life insurance quotes.

How Do I know If The Brokers Are Acting In My Best Interest?2017-02-12T21:11:13+00:00

We are very selective about who we work with. All our partnering brokers are licensed and experienced professionals. More importantly, what we want to see in a broker, before inviting him/her to join us, is a prominent focus on the client’s needs and best interest and understanding that a long lasting career in selling life insurance is only possible if your clients are thrilled with your service.

How Do I Know If I Get The Lowest Price Available On The Market?2017-02-12T21:08:18+00:00

There are market research services recognized throughout the industry as LifeGuide®, which deliver continuously updated database on pricing for various life insurance products offered by the life insurance companies in Canada. These services can generate detailed price comparisons for a specific product. Through our brokers you will have access to these market research tools.

Can The Price Of A Specific Product Be Manipulated By The Broker?2017-02-12T21:07:20+00:00

No. The final price of individual life insurance products is not affected by the sales channel or the broker. You can not get a discount or rebate for choosing a life insurance broker in particular. The final price depends only on the risk factors associated with you and the amount of insurance you want.

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